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About Us

A very popular band in the area MIDNIGHT DRIFTERS generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform. The band has been entertaining for the past 11 years and has once again been successfully Trademarked.

MIDNIGHT DRIFTERS collectively are all well-seasoned musicians and performers and will work with you well before your event date to ensure the success of your occasion. From the very outset of the band's journey, the focus was always to play the best dance music possible. In doing so over time the band has created its own sound and have structured arrangements of dance music that has proven to be a hit with dancers.

Midnight Drifters music is for everyone even if you are not a dancer, the band's repertoire contains many song favourites that are recognizable that just make you want to tap your toes while listening.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

Midnight Drifters 

Belmont 16s Footer Sailing Club NSW 2019

Midnight Drifters performing @ Bulli Workers Club NSW 2019

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