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Each member of  over thirty years music and have performed in a wide variety of bands across Sydney and interstate. The band is based in the of Sydney and are playing the 50s & 60s Rock n Roll Dancers can enjoy music from artists such Chuck Berry, Dion & The Belmonts, The Cochran, Elvis  Nelson, Shakin Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Ronnie Mc Dowell to name a few. 

Midnight Drifters like to keep in the spirit of the 50s & 60s  era to make your event a memorable one!

The band is available for larger events, functions and can add musicians for specific themed events if requested.

We would welcome the opportunity the best service

Midnight Drifters perform at Wintersun Rock-N-Roll Festival June 2010 @Coolangatta QLD.

Being a part of the Best of Wintersun was really we were amongst bands from the U.S.A - U.K. - NZ - interstate and acts. The music flowed very smoothly from one act to the next which kept the audience entertained and the dancers on their feet! They danced on portable the grass, front and sides of the stage - Wintersun truly the event for nostalgia and festivity from an era in history that lives on to the present day and no doubt into the future.

              Midnight Drifters performing @ Corporate Gig for the
                              Cake Decorators Guild  NSW

Saturday Night: The Jump Jive and Shout 50’s Prom will be alive
and kicking at the Historic Nowra School of Arts.
The great rock and roll band'Midnight Drifters' will get the place jumping. 
Can’t wait for this night, so many fine dancers from other rock and roll groups ripping up the floor.

What a memorable weekend we had....................

Last Saturday night, we had the pleasure to host The Jump Jive & Shout, Inaugural 40's-50's Dance in Nowra with 160 people attending, most of whom have over 20 years experience dancing different styles of Rock 'n' Roll, both as dancers and instructors as well as "novices".  You can't beat experience, some people can be great dancers, some people can be great teachers, but occasionally you get both and we had plenty of GREAT dancers but more importantly GREAT people. 

Photos will available on Red Cherry ' facebook page in a day or two                             https://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Cherry-Photography
Our purpose of holding this event, was to bring to the Nowra area a great band to promote Rock ‘n’ Roll dance and inspire local dancers, also to give them an opportunity to witness first hand how popular Swing/Rock 'n' Roll still is and get to see some REAL Dancin' in a beautiful venue..  We also hoped that the local dance groups would be excited and support it but unfortunately that did not happen, except by a very small number whose attendance was greatly appreciated.  Without the support from all those people who travelled it would not have succeeded. 

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